August Dinner Meeting
Wednesday - August 22, 2018

Location: Hurricane Charlies


Rachel Keesling
Punta Gorda City Council Mayor & Candidate for District 2 Council Seat

Understanding this is a “non-partisan” election a question has been raised why the other can- didate for the same Council seat is not on the agenda as well. Debby Carey, the other candidate is registered as (non party affiliation) NPA. A key objective of the Charlotte County Repubican Club is to promote the candidacy and election of registered Republicans. Recognizing the importance of this principle The RPOF (Republican Part of Florida) mandates that only Registered Republicans participate in Club sponsored political oriented events.

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Speaking in support of Amendment 6 to the Florida Constitution; also Known as the “Marsy’s law” Amendment. Essentially one provision of the proposed amendment is intended to guarantee that crime victims have rights equal to those accused of a crime.

This an ex-cerpt from a recent letter to the SUN by Sheriff Prummell. “—-I have spent countless hours explaining the constitutional rights afforded to someone accused of a crime. I wish I could have spent a similar amount of time talking with crime victims about their own rights, but unfortunately victims lack any clear enforceable constitutional protection.” Prummell will be joined by the area representative of the national campaign to amend the US constitution.

To attend you can make reservations by contacting
Theresa Murtha: or 941-916-3540


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