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May 20, 2019: What's Next? by Dr. Richard Pitz

There is never enough. Thinking that the government...whatever it is...will, on the turn of a dime, provide you with what you want, when you want it, is not realistic thinking, but political pandering. 

The “government” is amorphous, ill defined, self-serving, uncontrollable and as such, has run amok. Of course it is not only Democrats and Republicans fighting for control of the political aspect of “who does what,” but we have become a country where sectionalism….portions of the country are attempting to dominate the monies spent by the government. 

No one (on the Left) is talking the economy unless it is Joe Biden. If he thinks he can sell “that terrible Republican economy”, he is welcome to try. We have to deal with agendas. Groups of people, divided as they are into mobs, that are demanding that their agenda be accepted as promoted, regardless of whether it is lawful, or desired by the rest of the voting public.


Should they fail to get traction, they will create enough noise so that a bone is thrown their way in the hopes they will be satisfied. “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” Taking note of one group’s “agenda” success sets up a feeding frenzy, until the numbers game takes hold. This, “these are voters” worry the bean counters and meeting with any of these “off the policy charts” means to the opponents, “He’s one of those.” 

Wandering off the policy reservation is the worst thing any candidate can do. It divides the message, makes the candidate look weak and unsure of what he is doing, what he “Really” believes and gives the name “unreliable” should he or she be elected. 

Voters want strong candidates who make a strong case for their beliefs. “Maybe” is not an answer to anything. The Traditional Conservative Republicans believed they had “Value” and “Principles” but what they had were tactics. Promoting the idea without practice is fraud. 

Obamacare was a government edict that was told would never work….by the person who wrote the law; not some operative but a PhD from MIT. He laughed at the public’s stupidity at thinking you could put ten pounds in a five pound bag. 

The Republicans panicked and said they “had something better” and no they did not. Never thinking that they would beat Hillary they just thought that Hillary would have to eat her and the country’s portion of Obamacare. 

The Democrats are running on what got them elected in 2018 …”healthcare.” What makes that the “go to” objective?  Why this? Because it is the most “emotional” subject….everyone has a horrible health care story to tell….from no treatment, to bad treatment, to costly treatment, to pain...Oooh the pain, to death and disfigurement.


It is not about health, but how “these bastards treated my Bernie.”  It is so, so easy to go to “It’s Trump’s fault” from pain and suffering. The Democratic Socialists go from Emotions to opportunities. Emotions get attention and the opportunity to hone in on “Personal” experiences that translate into “there’s plenty of money” and then “Your Bernie died because of the bad air….the CLIMATE.” 

Unless the Republicans stand together and promote an agenda that has core values that all can relate to, no one will listen to what we have to say. Moral laws can be sold to anyone. Too many bad candidates in an effort to go to Washington make a “difference,” fail to see the opposition as hungry Republican flesh eaters, who will scream their plans, their agendas, their “show me the money,” politics. 

It is all about the money. No matter what, with the money you can afford anything. The Republican agenda is about a strong rich economy for everyone. We have no healthcare crisis. We have millions of chronically ill people who could have had long term care but under the Democrats, never had the money to afford it. The most satisfying sound is the sound of buying something, knowing you can afford it. 

We Republicans who know “Basic Republican goals and Beliefs,” have to get out and remind the voters that “free” comes and goes and most of very costly. Relying on a government who does not know you, other than by your number is not your friend. Standing in line, hoping for relief is not the Republican Agenda. 

All people are important, the Constitution is the limit for all governments and respect for life….from conception is what allowed each one of us to live the life we lead. what we believe. 

Learn what the word Republican stands for. Meet with your fellow Republicans...Join the Local Republican Clubs. Support you Republican candidates and when unhappy, Speak Out. 

Dr. Richard Pitz, President

Charlotte-Desoto Republican Club

May 20, 2019

Dr. Pitz can be reached at


This Month's Opinion

May 2019: Joe Biden - An Empty Suit from Sears & Roebuck by Dr. Richard Pitz

Joe Biden, acting like the “Old man on the mountain,” is speaking in platitudes and abstractions ….”I want to bring America back to the way it was”....

OK, I’ll bite….what WAS it. You get it. At this point speaking to real problems with real solutions could be fatal for the man with the habit of saying things that cause a lot of people to shake their heads in either disbelief or dismay. Any response is not “Presidential.” 

Joe is not a Plebeian as “Just call me middle class Joe,” is from Scranton which is not a lot of places and for those places, you might be glad. 

Scranton people are hard workers, coal mining, laborers who were led to believe that politicians with Joe’s bent had promised them a lot, most of which was never delivered. 

Fortunately for those Scrantonians Joe left only to return when the political winds send him. Now that Trump is president, Joe sees it as his duty to save Scranton and us from Trump. I say Joe is barking up the wrong tree. 

There might be nostalgia in Scranton for something these older non-working people can hang their hat on….however “metthinks” that Joe is not the the hat rack wanted but if Joe were only the return of lost youth, he might be the man of the hour. 

Now Joe is telling all in Scranton that they should be nostalgic for a history that was dirty, dangerous and more defeat than winning. Scranton is a nice place with nice most places. Much of what Scranton should have been, was obscured by big coal and big unions doing what they do...or did best….argue. 

Joe is an enigma ….the exception that proves the rule. Joe has degrees….from real colleges, Joe had a standard career in politics. Joe was VP under what might be called “the first Socialist president”. Joe is a survivor and while he sounds like a “Know it all” is street smart in a world that passed him a long time ago. Joe is ...plain and simple,....a politician. 

His “middle class” meanderings during his “qualification speeches” strikes a chord of all those people who could have been “somebody”. Those who believed “I coulda been a contender.” His method and beliefs in “making sense” during his speeches can be a hoot. 

He wants a more civil America while China wants to steal all our intellectual property. He wants an America that, “used to be,” while some of America’s greatest institutions tried to overthrow a duly elected government. He wants a “genteel” America where “Middle Class. “Whatshisname” wants to punch the president in the nose. 

“Old Joe” of the middle class wants to fill the political arena with pools of emotions so he can create opportunities to try and be president. “Emotional Joe” “Tough Guy Joe” does not have the backbone to live up to the hoopla and his agreeing to “drawing a line in the sand” only to have it kicked in his face. 

Joe loves the Iranians and all they stand for. He loves the trouble they have caused and continue to cause. Joe is not sophisticated in a sense that he cannot pick any problem and know where to start in an attempt to solve it. He will talk it to death and then make apologies for the failure...only. 

“You hate Biden and the Democrats.” Biden is a politician in a pure and simple American way. Joe has never done anything one could remember and even if you do, he was never on the “right” side….the side where anyone benefited….save for the anointed few. 

Joe is “Party First”. The question, which party. If Joe is elected and he inherits a house led by AOC and a Senate with Bernie leading his band of Socialists, what if anything will Joe veto? 

AOC and Bernie are a team who are going for Biden’s throat. “Jobs and a Liveable Life” is what is being promoted by the policial “Katzenjammer Kids”... AOC and Bernie. Bernie is all in for the “Existential fact that Climate Change is part of your life.” 

Now for those who may not get it, this means that we….others than Bernie and AOC are going to have to suck it up, live the “Liveable” life ….and just so you know, you can live a life without a lot of prepared for it…..where the government makes all the decisions, including withholding the good stuff. We cannot have you enjoying yourself when you could be working to save us from the “Climate.” 

Dr. Richard Pitz, President

Charlotte-Desoto Republican Club

May 14, 2019

Dr. Pitz can be reached at


This Month's Opinion

May 2019: The Great War of the Wills by Dr. Richard Pitz

The Great War of the wills is finally at its end….not the end of the end, but the end of the “accusatory” phase. Now Jerrold Nadler will try to force the Trump Administration to give them documents so they can come up with a new charge.


Nadler can only receive what he wants if the House votes to impeach the president. With 66% of the polled voters against that, Nadler could lead his troops over the cliff. 

Of course Jerry needs Nancy to give the OK and from the looks of it, she does not want this to be the main substance of a campaign. The Democrats are disappointed in the outcome. They were “All In” for the Russian thing. They had all the players, the accusations, the media support, the leader of the team along with 19 Hillary was going to be a slam dunk. 

To have to claw back with a whining group of incompetents, was not the plan. As bad as this is, Trump is now at bat and AG William Barr will be throwing high hard ones at those who came up with the scheme. It should be a nice victory for Trump….I said, “It should be,” not “Will be.” 

The Democrats are not going away. They count on Joe “Just call me Middle Class Joe” Biden to save them. Bernie Sanders and his loyal followers are having none of that. Nancy and Chuck had better make sure that they do not try to marginalize Bernie. If the Socialists stay home, should they fail to get what they expect, Trump will win. 

Our job here in Florida is to counter everything that is anti-Trump, from the continuous whining over the failed two year investigation, to the “Climate Change” that is “here and will become worse”and the lack of “affordable” healthcare. 

Before we keep touting the economy, we have to examine who the enemy is and what they are going to say and do and why they are going to do it. 

A political nonentity who was under investigation for theft and fraud, a man with no known accomplishments except raise taxes, almost pulled the biggest upset in Florida history. He wants to get two million New Democrats on the voter rolls. How well he does it, is not our problem. We know the target and so we cannot do any less. 

We need LEADERSHIP to get people to register voters, speak to the voters and LISTEN to their complaints. They will talk climate change. While we cannot do anything about hurricanes, we must force the Florida Legislature to be ready with more help than ever before. We cannot avoid it. 

The Democrats want to spend 32 Trillion on a Green New Deal. We must remind those who have marginal incomes that if the Democrats win, the economy will cause massive layoff of workers. 

We have to have our numbers at the ready, to counter what surely will be a numbers games...rising seas and temperatures and the like. Health care and the so-called “Medicare for all,” is a scheme to give those on “Medicaid” the belief that the new and improved Medicare will give “better benefits.” We must remind them, that the costs will severely curtail treatment for those who could use the treatments. It will produce longer waits for office visits and interminable waits for surgery whether emergency or not. 

Remind those who get other benefits that those might disappear because of the medical costs. We must find those who got jobs under Trump, those who either got medical coverage that came with the job, or who now have the money to buy in the private market that it was the Republican principles and ideals that allowed it to happen. 

In truth private insurance costs are leveling off and in many instances, going down. Our country is going through a growth spurt never seen before. Let those who have question know that with their support, they can keep it growing. When everything is working, “why would you want to take chances” on something that will not put an extra nickel in your pocket.

Dr. Richard Pitz, President

Charlotte-Desoto Republican Club

May 10, 2019

Dr. Pitz can be reached at



March 2019: A Look at the Numbers by Bill Abbatematteo

James Madison warned us in Federalist Number 10, that, “…the smaller the number of individuals composing a majority, and the smaller the compass within which they are placed, the more easily will they concert and execute their plans of oppression.” Madison was warning us about dangers of not voting, that in doing so, voters would be empowering a small number of people to decide who should govern the rest of us.

In Charlotte County, 26.4% of registered voters turned out to vote in our recent Primary Elections, which is consistent with our average of a 23% Primary turnout since 2002. But how does this stack up against our general elections? Since 1964, an average of 61% of Charlotte County registered voters have turned out during the off-year elections. During a Presidential election year, county voters have averaged a 77% turnout rate. Both rates have exceed the national turnout rate of 55% during this same period.

Many factors contribute to our higher rate, including our demographics. Older citizens do vote at a greater rate than younger voters. We also offer many opportunities to vote, including mail-in ballot, early voting, and Election Day.

To give voters the maximum convenience and opportunity to vote, Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections Paul Stamoulis provides 14 early voting days, the maximum allowed by law.  He encourages residents to visit their website at, where a wealth of information can be found on topics such as how to register, applying for a mail-in ballot, candidate and referendum information, and election results.

Prior to 1920, national voter turnout routinely exceeded 70%, a rate that has not been achieved since 1900. From 1920 to 2016, voter turnout steadily declined, fluctuating between 49% and 63%. Since 1972, voter turnout has not reached 60%, averaging 54%.

This precipitous drop has occurred despite the additional eligibility of women and non-property owners, the elimination of the poll tax in the 1960s, and the 26th Amendment reducing the voting age from 21 to 18 in 1971. Over this period, radio, then TV, and today’s internet and social media have put politics into more homes contributing to a more informed electorate.

But voter turnout still fell. In fact, the United States currently ranks well below other democracies in Europe, Canada and Oceania, even after discounting countries where voting is compulsory.  Western Europe averages a 77% turnout.

Why have national rates been declining, particularly over the last 50 years? And why such low voter turnout for our Primary elections. Perhaps some voters are disenchanted with their options or politics, or don’t think their vote matters, or just don’t care. Is civic pride waning?

Jefferson warned us, “If the people become inattentive to the public affairs, government will eventually become wolves and devour its own kind.” On the local level, a 26% primary turnout might be proof that people are indeed becoming apathetic to local public affairs, despite several key races on the ballot.

In our recent Primary, there were 132,984 voters eligible to vote, broken down as follows: 

  • Democrats – 36,485;
  • Republicans – 59,789; and
  • No Party Affiliation/Others – 35,652. 

Actual voters and turnout rates were:

  • D - 11,252 / 30.8%; 
  • R - 20,941 / 34.0%; and 
  • NPA - 3,066 / 8.6%.

Democrats cast a total of 10,928 votes in the Governor’s race, while GOP voters cast 20,329 votes for their party’s candidate. Not every party member cast a vote in this race.

All voters were eligible to vote for the candidates in the Airport Authority District 2 Primary, as there was no announced challenger in the November election. Rob Hancik received 15,959 votes to opponent Julie Price’s 15,300, a margin of 659 votes. These 31,259 voters represented 23.5% of 132,993 registered voters, meaning the winner was elected by 12% of all voters. This certainly is not a slight on any of these candidates, but a reflection on a disinterested electorate and reminds us of Madison’s concern.

Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch was chosen to be his party’s candidate for the Board of County  Commissioners District 4 seat by 271 votes over challenger Tom Sullivan (9,624 to 9,353). The 18,977 votes cast were out of 59,789 registered Republicans, representing a 32% turnout for this race. Overall, 16% of all GOP voters chose Deutsch to face the Democratic challenger Joan Fischer in the General Election. 40,812 registered GOP voters decided to sit this race out and not participate, including 1,352 who voted for the GOP pick for Governor but didn’t cast a vote for Deutsch or Sullivan.

Greek statesman and philosopher Plato states that “one of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. I’m not suggesting that the lack of participation has resulted in us being governed by our inferiors or that we are being devoured by wolves – yet. But I’m strongly encouraging voters to turn out in the November election. It is dangerous for people of good conscience to remain silent. Become familiar with the candidates, referenda and amendments to our State Constitution. If not, we just might end up being governed by the very people that Madison, Jefferson and Plato warned us about.

Bill Abbatematteo

Punta Gorda

You can write Bill at